Ranks and Tags

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Ranks and Tags

Post by Caristania on Thu Jun 25, 2015 11:20 pm

Tier I
Dominum - Lord of the pack, highest ruling next to Domina - Tag: SDxD
Domina - Lady of the pack, has the same authority at the Dominum - Tag: SDxD
Regina/Regulus - Second in command of the pack - Tag: SDxR
Bucellariorum - Royal guards, guards the higher ranks - Tag: SDxB
Quaestionarius - Executioner, they can execute, they are mostly for punishing those who disobey orders - Tag: SDxQ

Tier II 

Lead Custodia - Lead guard, takes on duties of assigning guards there positions - Tag: SDxLC
Lead Medicus - Lead Medic, heals the sick and injuried, also heals the higher ranks - Tag: SDxLM
Lead Pugnator - Lead Fighter, one of the most skilled fighters in the pack - Tag: SDxLP
Lead Sicarius - Lead Assassin, skilled in killing and is sent on higher up missions - Tag: SDxLS
LeadVenator - Lead Hunter, skilled in hunting, and keeps the pack fed - Tag: SDxLV
Lead Explorator - Lead Scout, skilled in scouting, scouts out new territory and food - Tag: SDxLE

Tier III
||Normal Rank||

Custodia - Guard, guards the territory - Tag: SDxC
Medicus - Medic to the members of the pack, and collects herbs keeping the pile stocked - Tag: SDxM
Pugnator - Fighter, skilled in fighting, battle in the front lines - Tag: SDxP
Sicarius - Assassin, skilled in killing, takes on the small jobs - Tag: SDxA
Venator - Hunter, hunts for the pack and keeps them fed - Tag: SDxV
Explorator - Scout, scouts out new lands and food for the pack - Tag: SDxE
Tiro - Apprentices, pups are able to become a apprentice at 6 months - Tag: SDxT

Tier IV
||Low Ranks||

Iuvenes - Pups of the pack 0 days to 6 months - SDxI
Survus - Slaves to there masters/mistresses - SDxSV
Omega - Basically a useless wolf with no purpose but taking up space - SDxO 


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