Reticulis. [Dominum.]

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Reticulis. [Dominum.]

Post by Reticulis on Thu Jun 25, 2015 11:01 pm

"Don't underestimate the allure of darkness. Even the purest of hearts are drawn to it."

x. The heathen's head turns to the calling of Reticulis, or Reti.
x. He adds to the masculine population.  
x. His scent is proven to be of ash, cedarwood, blood, and decaying flesh.
x. He is one of the direct decendants of the Sataix bloodline.  
x. His eyes linger on no soul.
x. He wishes to be chained to no female.
x. He holds the rank of Dominum in Sataix Dynasty.
x. He yearns for no other rank.  
x. Sired by Crimils
x. Whelped by Laurlesi
x. He has mated a total of three times.
x. He has sired three pups. [Yanis, deceased.] [Heibo, deceased.] [Karve, deceased.]
x. Reti is harder to describe as a person... He tends to yearn to be alone, rather being buried in a deadly pile of reptiles than being stuck in the middle of bickering girls/guys. He isn't the type of young man that cares about others, tending to speak his mind without thinking of the outcome, good or bad. Because of his appearance, people don't speak to him unless they must. He judges people reguardless of what they've done to protect themselves or even help him. If cornered by people he doesn't like, he tends to lash out. Not with physical blows, rather than intense emotional things that he's noticed about you. When you break is tough outer shell, he can be quite the soft hearted loyalist that many of his close friends cherish so dearly. But that rarely happens, because he refuses to make connections with people.

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